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Twisted Curiosity is in DESPERATE need of translators. (And I’m so serious, it’s starting to get un-funny.)

If you are the least bit fluent in Japanese or Chinese (and it doesn’t even matter if you need a dictionary beside you while translating because everyone knows I have about two dictionaries and a kanji directory open at all times when I’m working on a project) then please contact us.

TC loves working on projects, but we can’t get them out fast enough without good translators, guys! Spam anyone you know who could be an asset. We’ll love you for it forever!

Also, we’re in great need of editors, too.

Head over to our forum and talk with the admin if you’re interested.


~ Remi ❤


Whoa! A Quadruple Release!

Hey there folks, Ivy again!

I hope you all are sitting down, because this news is gonna shock you!

A Quadruple Release!
Great news everyone. Mai-Lynn and AKZ have been planning this for a week now. We have a quadruple release today! >W<
All of them are new series with the exception of Ayahatori but it will be TC’s first release of the series.
We have for you Chapter 1 of No.6, Back to the Jack, Scuro, and chapter 3 of Ayahatori Shoukanjo!

Posted Image

Please visit our Announcement section in the forum for the download links.




FINALLY, after weeks and weeks of horrible luck, we have gotten the third chapter of Rolan the Forgotten King out! Hurrah! Head over to our forum for the download link!

We hope you enjoy the update!

ALSO! The problem we had with uploading Rolan? We are in desperate need of translators, guys! If you or anyone you know is capable of translating from Japanese or Chinese into English, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

– Remi ❤